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We‘ve worked with thousands of older adults suffering from Alzheimer‘s and dementia, ranging from mild to severe impairment. At Heritage Care Advocates of West Texas, we understand the importance of comfort and familiarity for our clients who suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia and that the right – often a familiar – environment and an experienced and skilled caregiver can mean the difference between a good day and a bad day. Our first priority is to maintain a safe home environment, so your loved one can continue to age in place. In addition, we are committed to long-term caregiver relationships – most of our clients choose to have the same caregiver work with them for years. The consistency of our staffing here at Heritage Care Advocates of West Texas allows your loved one to build a bond with our caregiver and to think of us like family.

With the support of a HCA care provider, caring for an aging parent or loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be a rewarding experience. When an aging loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, their adult children often become responsible for their care from managing medications and helping with personal care to cooking meals and driving to medical appointments. Unfortunately, even the most devoted and loving families struggle to provide Alzheimer’s or dementia care, especially if they have their own jobs and families to care for. Fortunately, there is a solution! Families who want the highest level of quality Alzheimer’s or dementia care in Midland, TX turn to Heritage Care Advocates. With a skilled Heritage Care Advocates caregiver looking after your loved one, you no longer have to be a caregiver. Instead of spending time worrying about your loved one’s health and well-being, you can simply enjoy their company.

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The Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM) is a cognitive stimulation program developed by the scientific division of Heritage Care Advocates. The program aims to improve quality of life in our clients by promoting brain health through personalized, one-on-one activities that engage the main cognitive domains in the brain.

These activities target more than just memory and work the executive functioning, attention, language, and visual spatial perception domains as well. They are based on scientific research pointing to non-pharmacological intervention as an effective way to promote long-term brain health and were developed by a research team led by a neuropsychologist.

why Choose
Heritage Care
Advocates ?

Complete Flexibility

Complete Flexibility Heritage Care Advocate

Many clients have a caregiver only during the night, on weekends, or for transportation to medical appointments. Heritage Care Advocates is totally flexible and happy to provide care whenever and wherever needed.

Experience, Empathy, & Safety

Experience, Empathy, & Safety Heritage Care Advocate
Our experienced caregivers provide clients with safety, companionship, and emotional support. They are devoted to the total health and happiness of their clients.

Care Away From Home

Care Away From Home Heritage care Advocates
Our caregivers can also provide companionship and monitoring for safety during hospital stays. We can even accompany our clients on vacations, enabling them to travel safely and independently.

Peace of Mind For the Family

Peace of Mind For the Family Heritage Care Advocate
You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that a reliable, qualified caregiver is caring for your loved one. Our care team works with family members to provide complete transparency and is on call around-the-clock should anything arise.

No Long Term Contracts

No Long Term Contracts Heritage Care Advocate

There is no long-term commitment with Heritage Care Advocates. Use our services for only as long as you need them and are 100 percent satisfied.


Expert Matching Heritage Care Advocate

Heritage Care Advocates offers a roster of hundreds of caregiver with the right experience and skills to fit your family’s needs. However, personality matching is just as important! We strive to find the right personality fit for our clients and will select another caregiver for any reason – no questions asked!

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Read our Home Care Company Checklist to help you perform your due diligence to find the right care for your family. Not all home care companies are alike and this checklist will help you fully vet your options before you choose care for your loved one.
home care agency comparison checklist Heritage care Advocates

Download our full checklist here.

Heritage Care Advocates of West Texas is Proud to Offer These Valuable Resources for FREE to you for Personal Use.

cognitive therapeutics Heritage care Advocates

Cognitive Therapeutics Method™

This is an activity-based program designed to prevent the onset of new forms of cognitive decline, as well as slow the progression of existing symptoms for individuals already experiencing cognitive impairment here in West Texas.


hospital to home care Heritage care Advocates

From Hospital to Home Care

If you are transitioning home from a hospital stay; this guide will help you understand how home care ensures a smooth recovery at home and reduce avoidable readmissions here in West Texas.


balanced care montessori Heritage care Advocates

Balanced Care Method™

Valuable information about the Heritage Care Advocates proprietary Balanced Care Method™. This program promotes a smart lifestyle choices in the form of diet, activity, purpose and calm.